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Tagua Nut Beads - 50% off

Had you ever considered that palm tree nuts could be turned into beads? Tagua nut beads are just that! Once dried, these palm tree nut beads offer an environmentally-friendly option for people seeking ivory. In fact, Tagua nuts are commonly referred to as vegetable ivory due to their milky color. Providing employment for tens of thousands of South Americans, Tagua nut beads are truly having an effect on life from an economic, environmental, and humanitarian standpoint. Click here to learn more about our Tagua Nut Beads and to see a picture of the raw nut.

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Tagua Nut Beads by Shape
Tagua Nut Beads by Color

Watch & Learn about the Tagua Nuts Beads and what cool designs you can create

Once polished and dyed, Tagua beads can be shaped and cut into a variety of styles and colors to fit any beading design. They're especially beautiful as the centerpiece for a simplistic necklace or bracelet. Try them out today and share your creations with us!