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Kazuri Ceramic Beads From Kenya

There is something personal about handmade goods. Something you can't quite explain and something that could never be replicated by a machine. You can see the imperfections, the asymmetrical edges. You can see the detail put into every stroke of the brush. It's truly something unique and found nowhere else. It's your own.

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Kazuri takes this emphasis of handmade goods to a whole different level with their continued humanitarian efforts to provide the disadvantaged women of Kenya with a means of bettering themselves, earning a day's wages, and providing for their families. By giving these deserving women a chance to develop their craftsmanship skills and other work-related skills, Kazuri is truly giving them the tools they need to stand on their own. Empowering people is the best kind of charitable aid, and it is why Antelope Beads is so proud to support the great work being done at Kazuri by offering their bead supplies to our customers. Kazuri Beads are certified Fair Trade.

Kazuri Beads produces handmade, hand-painted ceramic beads and jewelry in Nairobi, Kenya. Each bead is shaped by hand, without the aid of molds or forms, by one of the over 140 local women employed by Kazuri. These beads are then polished and fired in a kiln before they are painted and kiln-fired again. Have you heard the Kazuri story and how this fantastic human aid business came to be? Click here to learn about Kazuri.