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New Products for January 2018

New Components For Leather
New TierraCast Components
Large Lobster Clasps
New Chain Styles

New Products for December 2017

New Components For Flat Leather
New Components For Round Leather
New Regaliz Magnetic Clasp
Pewter Beads for 2mm Round Leather
Amazonite Round Beads

New Products for November 2017

Gift Ideas for the Holidays
3mm Flat Sliders
3mm Flat Clasps
Black Plated Findings
Cow Hair 5 & 10mm Flat

New Products for October 2017

Greek Ceramic Beads
NEW Arizona Flat Leather

New Products for September 2017

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons
5mm Round Stainless Steel Magnetic Claps
Rustic/Deco Flat Sliders
Over 140 new styles of Base Metal Chains

New Products for August 2017

Flat Iridescent Cord
10mm Flat Sliders
10mm Flat Camel Leather
Check Out All That Chain!

New Products for March 2017

Swarovski Large Hole Sliders
Swarovski Spike Pendants
Swarovski Tear Drop Pendants
ALL Swarovski Designer Crystals
36 Kazuri Ceramic Mezzos
Kazuri Ceramic Round Beads
New Kazuri Ceramic Beads

New Products for February 2017

Clasp & Sliders For Flat Cord
Clasp & Sliders For Round Cord
Clasp & Sliders For RegalizĀ® Cord
Delicate Designer Organic Shapes
10mm Acrylic Clasps
PVC Cord 10mm Flat
6mm Bulahan Wood Beads

New Products for November 2016

Amazon 10mm Flat Leather
Nile 10mm Flat Leather
Keychain Split Rings
Dorabeth Bracelet Bars
Lillypilly Wood Sliders
Nunn Design Nature Charms
Nunn Design Hoop Rings
Sea Glass 5mm Rounds
5mm Ornate Leather
15mm Flat Leather Cord
10mm Cow Hair Leather
Clasps & Sliders For Leather
Claycult Oval Beads
Claycult Elephant Pendant
Claycult Fern Pendant
Claycult Teardrop Pendant
Claycult Flower Pendant
Claycult Khmer Round
Claycult Solid Round
Claycult Multi Round

New Products for October 2016

Designer Components
1.0mm Beading Chain
Nunn Design Jump Rings
Nunn Design Toggles
Nunn Design Mini Charms
Benbassat End Caps
Zodiac Sign Charms
Greek Letter Charms
Round Leather
63 Kazuri Mezzo
Kazuri Dolly
Kazuri Facet
Kazuri Smarties
Kazuri Turkhana
Kazuri Bi-Cone

New Products for September 2016

3mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
3mm Flat Leather Cord
3mm Glue-In Bangles
8mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
8mm Embossed Roman
20mm Braided Bonded

New Products for August 2016

New Sea Glass Sets
Kazuri Mezzo Pita Pats
Kazuri Mini Cube Beads
TierraCast Sports Charms
TierraCast Heart & Crystal Charms
TierraCast Charm Bracelets

New Products for June 2016

Genuine Camel 5mm Flat Cord
Striped Leather 5mm Flat Cord
New Styles Ornate Leather
Claycult Cambodia Beads
New Cultured Sea Glass
New Dorabeth Pewter
20mm Glue-In Cuffs
5mm Glue-In Cuffs

New Products for May 2016

Fresh New Beading Chain
Large Hole Wood Beads
B&B Benbassat Sports Charms
Czech Glass & Nano Beads
New Boro Glass Sliders
Cultured Sea Glass Beads
Samunnat Beads & Sliders
Flat Leather Sliders

New Products for April 2016

Artistic Braided Round Wire
End Caps for Braided Wire
B&B Benbassat End Caps
XLarge Flat Cord Clasps
TierraCast Lobster Clasps
Small Pewter Spacer Beads
Single Pewter Slider Beads
Dorabeth Beading Charms
TierraCast Beading Charms
TierraCast Beading Buttons

New Products for March 2016

New 5mm Flat Sliders
New 10mm Flat Sliders
New 20mm Flat Sliders
New Flat Cord Clasps
English & Other Leather
10mm Glue-In Cuffs