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Knotting & Macrame Video Tutorials

Macramé is the art of tying knots to create all sorts of designs. There are really only a few simple knots used for even the most complex projects, which makes it easy to create beautiful jewelry using supplies like leather, cord, and beads. We've developed some videos illustrating simple projects that we know you'll enjoy, and will have more coming! Click here to learn more about the Knotty Do-It-All Board

Basic Knotting Techniques for Jewelry Making & Design

About Tutorial: Using Knots in jewelry design adds texture and dimension to your pieces. In this video Jamie demonstrates 3 easy and fun knotting techniques.

Basic Macrame Knotting Techniques for Making Jewelry

About Tutorial: Macramé techniques for jewelry making can produce amazing unique designs. In this video Elaine shows you some basic Macramé knotting and wrapping techniques using waxed beading cord to inspire your own custom designs. Click here to see all components for bracelet made in Video
How To Make Cute Leather Tassels For Jewelry Design

About Tutorial: Learn how to make cute leather tassels that can be incorporated into unique designs. In this video Elaine shows you how to use the Knotty Do It All Board to make it easier to make the leather tassels. Click here to learn more about the Knotty Do It All Board.
How To Make A Leather Slider Knot For Making Jewelry

About Tutorial: A perfect jewelry making technique for adjustable necklace lengths. In this video Elaine shows you how to make slider knots using leather cord for an easy on easy off necklace that can be worn at different lengths for various occasions.

Using Waxed Beading Cord to Make a Multi strand Bracelet

Waxed Beading Cord is perfect for design that use a lot of knotting techniques. In this tutorial Elaine shows you how to make a multi-strand Bracelet using waxed beading cord. The knotting techniques are easy once you get the hang of them.

How To Make A Macrame Slider Clasp Using Leather Cord

About Tutorial: A Leather Slider Clasp is a great design technique for a One Size Fits All bracelet. In this video Elaine breaks down the step by step knotting clasp technique. Once you have mastered the Slider Clasp technique your design possibilities are endless.

Knotty Do-It-All Macrame Bracelet Video Tutorial

About Tutorial: The Knotty Do-It-All board, developed by macramé artist Sandra Younger, is a great tool for doing all sorts of macramé and knotting projects. The clips and pegs elevate your work, making it easy to knot both above and below your work. The "built-in" ruler allows you to accurately size your work. Sandra has developed some great tutorials using the board that will help you further develop your macramé and knotting skills.