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Artisan Jewelry Designs and Bead Jewelry Patterns

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Knowing how to piece together all the different components when you make your own jewelry can get a bit confusing! Bead jewelry patterns should differ depending on the style of jewelry you are trying to make, what type of leather you're trying to use, and what sort of bead components you're using for your project. For those of you who appreciate a more structured approach to your jewelry making, we're happy to offer the Knotty Do It All board and DVD set for the novice jewelry maker looking for pre-made jewelry kits and tutorial videos.

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Make Your Own Jewelry with Antelope Beads

There's nothing quite like the personal reward one feels after they've created something. It's a moment and a feeling of exhilaration, pride, happiness, and relief that all your hard work has paid off. Although you got to this point on your own, more often than not you reached out for a helping hand along the way. We're happy to be your helping hand at Antelope Beads to share what we've learned about jewelry designs with you!

In the categories above, you will find our latest necklace, bracelet, and earring design ideas. Some of the design ideas are detailed and list the specific beads and findings needed to complete the project. Other design ideas are in a template form for you to use to create your own design. Visit our leather bracelet tutorials or other jewelry making tutorials to learn tips and techniques that will help you produce a beautiful piece of jewelry. We hope you enjoy these design ideas and they give you inspiration for your next project!