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Flat Leather Magnetic Necklace & Bracelet Clasps

The right clasp can absolutely make a necklace, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry. Most times nobody will see it, but just knowing that it's the exact one for what you're making can be incredibly satisfying. Here at Antelope Beads, we believe a clasp should be both strong enough to hold your jewelry on and have the right look and feel for what you've made. We offer a wide variety of clasps for your flat leather projects in varieties that fit 5mm and 10mm leather cord. Need the perfect magnetic necklace clasp? Just want to have a bunch of metal clasps on hand in case you'll need any of them? All our clasps are high quality electro-plated in shiny gold, brass, copper, or silver-- the silver finish uses 99.9% sterling silver. With so many to choose from we are sure you will be able to find just the right one.

3mm Flat Cord Connectors
3mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
5mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
5mm Flat End Cap & Connector Clasps
8mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
10mm Acrylic Clasps
10mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
10mm Flat End Cap & Connector Clasps
15mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
20mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
25mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
30mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
40-60mm Flat Clasps
End Caps/Toggles
Rivetable Flat Clasps
Hook & Horseshoe
3mm Glue-In Bangles
5mm Glue-In Cuffs
10mm Glue-In Cuffs
20mm Glue-In Cuffs

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