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Urban Raku Jewelry Design Inspirations

Eventually we all need some inspiration. For new jewelry makers and seasoned pros alike, we've compiled some of our favorite Urban Raku designs to help you get started on your next great creation. Whether you choose to recreate your own versions of these pieces or you choose bits and pieces to combine with other styles, we hope our designs help bring out the creative jewelry maker in you.

Luster Cuff Urban Raku Bracelet
Wrapped Heart Urban Raku Bracelet
Earthen Elegance Urban Raku Necklace
Satin Moon Urban Raku Necklace
HorseHair Cuff Urban Raku Bracelet
City Slicker Urban Raku Necklace
Coral Star Urban Raku Earrings
Banded Turquoise Urban Raku Bracelet

Urban Raku jewelry creator Jennifer Pottner's favorite bead glazes include Multi Satin and Turquoise Copper. Browse these raku design inspirations and all our Urban Raku components to find your own new favorite glazes and beads! Click on the images below to view project components and find helpful video tutorials as well as designer tips.