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Regaliz® Beading & Leather Craft Supplies

When considering making new custom bracelets, you need look no further than Regaliz® leather craft supplies to get your project started. The 3 bracelets shown below are a few examples of what unique, eye catching designs are possible. Click here to see more of our Regaliz® Design Ideas or click here to see our Men's Bracelet Designs.

Knot My Zebra Turquoise Tango Savannah Cats

Regaliz® leather cord provides a durable, bright, beautiful foundation for any beaded bracelets you’re dreaming up, and at economical prices anyone can afford there’s never been a better time to buy Regaliz®! Ready to design your own?

Designing your own Regaliz® Bracelet is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose your Components 2. Choose your Regaliz® Cord 3. Choose your Clasp
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10mm Regaliz® Cord
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10mm Regaliz® Cord

Making your purchasing decision even easier is the wide array of beautiful beading supplies we have that complement our Regaliz® leather and cork cord perfectly. From pewter slides by Dorabeth Designs to bright, colorful enamel and porcelain slides, we have everything you need to make beautiful, unique bracelets with Regaliz®.

Making Beaded Bracelets with Regaliz® Greek Leather

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of beading supplies to add to your Regaliz® leather cord, but we know you can sometimes feel stuck when it comes to designing and building your bracelets. Such thick, sturdy leather cord can be tricky to manipulate and use in designs. We’ve been there ourselves! That’s why we’re so happy to offer you some great resources with our Regaliz® Greek leather tutorials to guide you through modifying your Regaliz® Greek leather cord and getting the most out of your beading supplies.

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10mm Rubber O-Ring Spacer - Dark Chocolate
ROR10-dkbrn -10mm Outer Dimension 6mm Inner Dimension
Sold Individually
Holds components tightly in place on 5mm Round Euro Leather Cord or 5mm Italian Flat Leather

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181 in stock
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10mm Rubber O-Rings BAG of 25 - Dark Chocolate
ROR10-dkbrnB -10mm Outer Dimension 6mm Inner Dimension
Bag of 25 Rings
Holds components tightly in place on 5mm Round Euro Leather Cord or 5mm Italian Flat Leather

Our Price: $4.00
10 in stock
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