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Large Hole Bulahan Beads for Your Natural Jewelry

When you want to create a piece of jewelry that would look better with a thicker gauge of leather cord, your bead choices should reflect that thicker, heavier feel as well. Our selection of Bulahan beads with large holes gives you plenty of options for your creations. Choose from large hole wood beads five different styles of beautiful, natural wood, or shop by sizing if you want to mix and match the beads in your design. Our natural wood beads are ethically harvested using sustainable practices required by the Filipino government to maintain the special licenses our supplier has to harvest wood.

Large Hole Bulahan Wood by Type
Large Hole Wood by Hole Size
Lillypilly Wood Flat Sliders
Bulahan Large Hole Wood All

Outside of color and shape, our large hole wood beads are designed to fit with multiple styles of beading cord! You’ll find beads that fit 3mm and 5mm round cord as well as 5mm and 10mm flat cord, giving you plenty of options to match the style of cord you prefer. Shop our selection of large hole beads for sale and make a beautiful, natural-looking piece of jewelry for yourself or a friend today!

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