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Helen Breil Polymer Clay Molds & Tools

When you're making clay pendants or charms, often the right stamp can make the difference between it being nice and being gorgeous. Polymer clay projects sometimes need that extra little bit of texture to make them stand out. Even if you're using polymer clay molds, a Helen Breil stamp to finish an undone side or make a plain surface livelier can drastically change the look of your piece and give it a whole different feel. In many cases, the use of a stamp can change the way your colors are perceived, making them look more alive and vital. Whatever you're working on, we recommend that you consider having a set of Helen Breil stamps on hand. They are absolutely wonderful polymer clay tools that can complete your project and make it totally unique.

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Tiles showing versatility of Helen's Stamps


Polymer Clay Pendants made by Helen Breil using her Stamps