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Hand Crafted Bead Jewelry from Dorabeth Designs

We’re so proud to support the hard-working artisans at Dorabeth Designs! Their creative, beautiful bead jewelry is a favorite among many of us here at Antelope Beads, and makes the perfect, unique addition to that bracelet or necklace you’ve been crafting. Their pewter jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free, assuring that the highest quality, solid culinary grade pewter is used in each and every piece of hand crafted jewelry.

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A History of Pewter Jewelry & Items

Jewelry enthusiasts have been moving away from synthetic materials when it comes to the design of their bead jewelry. Natural, unique bead elements are becoming more sought after, and the rise of pewter jewelry components is no exception.

Pewter is an easy metal to cast and recast should jewelry not meet the designer’s standards due to its soft structure. It is also more readily available than your commonplace jewelry metals like gold and silver, thus making it a less expensive option.

According to AskMrJewelry, pewter is thought to have been regularly used in eating utensils as far back as ancient Egypt, was commonly used in the Middle Ages for drinking mugs, and Celtic jewelry utilized the metal to give the culture’s jewelry its recognizable, rough look.

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