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Different Bulahan Wood Bead Styles

Sometimes just one type of Bulahan wood bead won’t do! With 11 different types of wood as well as beads made of seeds and carabao horn, bone and hoof, you have plenty of options to match your design’s texture, colors and style. Find bright, eye-catching styles like jackfruit and redwood, or give your design a more natural look with old palmwood or seed beads.

Bayong Wood Bulahan Beads
Caraboa Bone, Horn & Hoof Bead
Coco Wood Bulahan Beads
Graywood Bulahan Beads
Jackfruit Wood Bulahan Beads
Old Palm Wood Bulahan Beads
Redwood Bulahan Beads
Robles Wood Bulahan Beads
Rosewood Bulahan Beads
Bulahan Seed Beads
Tiger Ebony Wood Beads
White Wood Natural Beads
White Wood Bleach Beads

All of our colored and natural wood beads are ethically harvested to ensure the continued health of the trees they come from, and we offer free shipping on any order of $50 or more. Our natural wood beads are ethically harvested using sustainable practices required by the Filipino government to maintain the special licenses our supplier has to harvest wood. Select one of our different wood bead styles and share your creations with us today!