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Jewelry Stringing Clasps for Beading

A piece of jewelry really begins and ends with a clasp. Jewelry stringing clasps function by keeping the piece firmly on the wearer, but they are an opportunity to add a little more personality and style to the design. We carry bracelet and necklace clasps for flat and round leather in varying sizes and attachment styles, including magnets, hooks, fold-overs and snaps. Whether you want a simple clasp that doesn't draw attention away from your bead patterns or you want the clasp to be an extension of the design, you'll find we carry clasps for leather bracelets and necklaces in all sorts of themes that fit all tastes. Not sure which beading clasps are best for your design? We have guides that give all sorts of ideas for what fits best with each type of clasp. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns, and remember that every order of $50 or more ships for free!

10mm Regaliz® Clasps & End Caps for Beading Leather Cord

10mm Magnetic Clasps For Regaliz®
10mm End Caps For Regaliz®
10mm Half Circle For Regaliz®
10mm Hooks For Regaliz®
10mm Snap Clasps For Regaliz®
Mini Regaliz® Clasps& Sliders

Flat Clasps & End Caps for Beading Leather Cord

3mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
3mm Flat Cord Connectors
5mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
5mm Flat End Cap & Connector Clasps
8mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
10mm Acrylic Magnetci Clasps
10mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
10mm Flat End Cap & Connector Clasps
15mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
20mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
25mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
30mm Flat Magnetic Clasps
40-60mm Flat Clasps
Flat Cord End Caps & Toggles
Rivetable Flat Clasps
Hook & Horseshoe
5mm Glue-In Cuffs
10mm Glue-In Cuffs
20mm Glue-In Cuffs

Round Clasps & End Caps for Beading Leather Cord

0.5mm Round Clasps
1.0mm Round Clasps
1.5mm Round Clasps
2mm Round Clasps
3mm Round Clasps
3mm End Caps
3mm Hook & Eye
5mm Round Clasps
6mm Round Clasps
10mm Round Clasps

Clasps & Toggles for Jewelry Making with Cord Ends and Stringing Materials

Lobster Clasps for Stringing
Toggle Clasps for Stringing
Hook & Eye Clasps for Stringing
End Connectors for Chain
End Caps & Cord Ends