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Whiskey Wrap Leather Bracelet

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Supply List:

  • 34 inches Leather 5mm Round - Red Whiskey (Click here to see alternative 5mm Round Leather colors)
  • 1 C-Koop Tube 25mm - Black / White
  • 1 Leather Clasp - Ring Hook - Antique Silver
  • Super New Glue®

    Finished Length: 9 1/4 inches, wrapped twice

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Tools: Leather Cutter
  • Helpful Video Tutorial: Click Here to Learn How to Size & Glue Leather Bracelets.

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    5mm Ring Hook Round Leather Cord Clasp - Antique Silver
    5R-CL-20AS - Ring: 32x24x25mm
    Hole Size: 10x5mm
    Sold Individually
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away
    Zinc plated with 99.9% sterling silver
    1 piece Clasp adds about 1.25 inch
    Use with 2 cords 5mm leather - recommend 15+ inches for women
    Will work with some 6mm Cords, except 6mm Braided Cork, if you need cord to fit - please indicate when ordering
    Click here to see how this clasp works

    Our Price: $7.95
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    C-Koop Copper Enamel Slider Oval Large Hole 25mm - Black / White
    CK-53-7 - 25x12mm
    10x6mm Hole
    Sold Individually
    Use with 1 length of Regaliz Leather OR Oval Cork Cord OR 2 strands of 5mm ROUND OR multiple strands of smaller dimension cord
    Not recommended for Crystal, Matte, Stitched or Metallic Regaliz Leather.

    Our Price: $11.00
    7 in stock
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    Euro 5mm Round Leather Cord - Red Whiskey
    5R-24 - 5mm (sizes do vary slightly)
    Sold by the Inch
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away
    Genuine Leather
    Glue ends with super glue designed for leather and metal.

    Our Price: $0.20
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