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Welcome to our Wedding Showcase!

Inspiration Week 4: Rustic - Down to earth - literally! Themes are drawn from the woodlands, countryside, lakes and streams. Natural materials such as wood, leather, and cord are a must! Colors are subtle with earth tones predominating - blues, greens, browns, and greys

Rural Pearls Necklace Under My Snake Skin Leather Bracelet Woodland Flower Earrings
Braided Trio Leather Bracelets Homespun Charm Necklace Painted Plait Bracelet

Gingham Love Leather Bracelet Rustic Rope Leather Paired Bracelets Mountain Trumpeta Necklaces

Inspiration Week 3: Beach - Sun, sand, sea, serenity - often destination events are where friends and family can spend not just a few hours but several days in a relaxed, fun venue. "Beachy" colors can include cool pastels, vivid turquoise and coral, and neutrals. Of course, accents such as starfish, shells, and other sea creatures are a must!

Jamaican Heart Round Leather Bracelet Caribbean Sea Star Earrings Cancun Sunset Flat Leather Bracelet
Baja Shore Ankle Bracelet Pacific Waterfall Necklace Missing Piece Cork Bracelets

SeaSnake Leather Bracelet Bermuda Charm Necklaces Bahama Beach Cork Cord Bracelet

Inspiration Week 2: Boho Chic - Full of color, playfulness, creative, eclectic tastes, often mixing different fashions and styles

Gypsy Dream Neckace Chic and Sleek Leather Bracelets Something Blue Earrings
A Gift to Remember Bracelets A Simple Heart Flat Leather Bracelet Whimsy in White Ankle Bracelet

Simply Studded Flat Leather Bracelet Love All Around Necklace Woven Together Leather Bracelet

Inspiration Week 1: Timeless and traditional but with a modern twist

Crystal Calla Necklace Complete Circle Leather Bracelets Classy Couple Flat Leather Bracelets
Bracelet Bows Black Elegance Oval Leather Bracelet Perfectly Pink Necklace

Something Special Bracelet Just for You Necklace From the Heart Flat Leather Bracelets