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Verdigris Bling Urban Raku Bracelet

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  • 1 Urban Raku Bracelet Bar Asymmetrical with Swarovski Crystals - Verdigris Luster
  • 2 Urban Raku Earring Bling with Swarovski Crystals Clear - Copper Plated
  • 7 inches Arizona Leather Flat 10mm - Grey
  • 1 Leather Clasp Magnetic 10mm - Antique Copper
  • 2 TierraCast Snap Rivets 6mm - Antique Copper
  • 2 12mm Rubber O-Ring Spacer - Black
  • Super New Glue®

    Finished Length: 7 1/2 inches

    Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

    Tools: Leather Punch, Nail Setter, Bench Block, Hammer, Pen, Ruler, Leather Cutter or Sharp Scissors
  • Designer Tip: SEE VIDEOS LINKS BELOW. Mark and punch a hole in the center of the leather using the 3/32 inch setting on the leather punch. Insert the two O-rings inside the hole of the Urban Raku focal and position an earring bling component over the hole. Use a 6mm snap rivet to attach the focal and bling component to the leather with the nail setter. Punch another hole in the leather about 3/8 inch from the focal and add the second bling component using the other 6mm rivet. Check the size and trim the leather if needed before gluing the leather into the clasp.

    Helpful Video Tutorial: Click here to Watch How to Rivet an Urban Raku Center Hole Focal and Click here to Watch Basic Gluing and Sizing of Leather Bracelets

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    !Cutter Leather
    RZ-CUTTER - Used to cut Regaliz, Flat or 5mm Round Leather
    Click here for Replacement Blades - RZ-RBLD
    Sold Individually

    Our Price: $10.95
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    Super New Glue for Jewelry Making
    !Super New Glue®
    glue-sn - Recommended for attaching metal clasps to the leather cord.
    Bonds metal, leather, rubber, glass, ceramics, porcelain, and plastic. Non-messy easy applicator bottle. 3 grams per bottle.
    Sold Individually
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away

    Our Price: $2.75
    9662 in stock
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    10mm Rounded Flat Leather Cord Magnetic Clasp - Antique Copper
    FL-CLM-18AC - 21.5x14x6.5mm
    Hole size: 10x2.5mm
    Sold Individually
    Zinc plated with copper
    Use 1 10mm FLAT leather or 2 Lengths of 5mm FLAT leather
    Clasp adds about 1 inch
    If you find that your new bracelet is opening too easily with this clasp, try bending and flexing the leather in to the curve of the bracelet shape. A freshly cut piece of leather will still be trying to straighten out and puts a lot of torque on the clasp, so bending it helps the clasp stay closed.
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away

    Our Price: $7.95
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    12mm Rubber O-Ring Spacer - Black
    ROR12-blk -12mm Outer Dimension 9mm Inner Dimension 2mm
    Sold Individually
    Holds components tightly in place on RegalizĀ® Leather or 2 lengths of 5mm Round

    Our Price: $0.20
    (Out of Stock)
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    2.5 x 2.5 Steel Bench Block / Anvil
    BBLK25 - Great for Riveting
    2.5 x 2.5 inches
    Sold Individually
    Useful for flattening, stamping or texturings. Made of constructed of tool steel; ground flat, polished & case-hardened.

    Our Price: $16.95
    4 in stock
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    Arizona 10mm Flat Leather Cord - Grey
    10AF-9 - 10x1.5mm (sizes do vary slightly)
    Sold by the Inch
    Made in the European Union of genuine cowhide leather wrapped around a cotton core (there is a seam on the underside)
    This leather has a soft, suede-like matte finish. It is more matte than the other flat leathers.
    Glue ends with super glue designed for leather and metal.
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away

    Our Price: $0.40
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    Leather Punch Tool
    LTHRPCH - Easy to Punch, Lightweight steel
    Sold Individually
    Punch wheel easily rotates to switch between punch sizes
    Cushioned, anti-slip grips
    Includes six hollow bell punches, sized 5/64" to 11/64" or 2 to 4.5mms

    Our Price: $15.95
    5 in stock
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    Nail Setter 2/32"
    NAIL-2 - Use this tool to set TierraCast 6mm Snap Rivets on C-Koop Enamel Rivetables and Stackables
    Length: 4 inches Diameter: 2/32 inch
    Sold Individually
    Made out of Stainless Steel

    Our Price: $5.95
    (Out of Stock)
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    Stubby Ball Pein Hammer
    HMRBP - Lightweight and short handle makes it easier to wield and get an accurate strike
    Sold Individually
    8oz - 6 inches long
    Nonslip rubber grip
    Vibration-absorbent handle

    Our Price: $7.95
    (Out of Stock)
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    TierraCast 6mm Antique Copper Snap Rivets
    TierraCast Snap Rivets 6mm Bag of 10 - Antique Copper
    TC-01-0061-18 - Cap Dia: 6mm Tube OD: 2.5mm Post Length: 7mm Eyelet Head OD: 5mm
    Made from Brass.
    Set Rivets with the TierraCast Tool 6mm Rivet Setter TC-79-0104-00. Click product image to see video tutorial.
    These Rivets are best used for multi layer designs. Leather and 2 Components or 2 layers of leather and a component.
    Sold Bag of 10 Heads & 10 Posts

    Our Price: $3.75
    5 in stock
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