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Turquoise Wave Urban Raku Necklace

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Supply List:

  • 1 Urban Raku Pendant Round 2 inch - Tangerine Wash
  • 1 Urban Raku Pendant Round Ruffled 1.5 inch - Turquoise Copper
  • 1 Urban Raku Pendant Bail - Copper Plated
  • 1 Necklace Collar - Copper
  • Super New Glue®

    Finished Length: 16 inches

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Tools: None Required
  • Designer Tip: SEE VIDEO LINK BELOW. Stack the ruffled pendant on top of the tangerine pendant. Slightly open bail and insert through both pendants; squeeze to close. Add the bail to the necklace collar.

    Helpful Video Tutorial: Click here to Watch How to Use the Urban Raku Pendant Bail

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