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Rafa's Ring Necklace

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Supply List:

  • 2 feet 2mm Round Leather Cord - Natural Pacific
  • 1 Graywood Bead O-ring 28x5mm
  • 2 Graywood Bead Round 8mm Large Hole
  • 1 5mm Mini Target Square Flat Leather Cord Slider - Antique Silver
  • 3 Jump Ring 10mm 14g - Antique Silver JR10-AS

    Finished Length: 20 inches adjustble

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Time to Finish: Under 1 Hour

    Tools: Flush Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, Navy Sharpie (optional)
  • Designer Tip: Fold the leather in half and insert both ends through an 8mm bead in the same direction to form a ¾ inch loop. NOTE: this will be a tight fit and so to form a “needle” at one end of the leather, flatten with flat nose pliers and use flush cutters to cut the leather at an angle to form a point. Once the “needle” is coming through the other side, it may also be necessary to use chain nose pliers to pull the second strand of leather through the bead. Add the slide to both strands above the Graywood bead. To form a sliding closure, bring the two strands through the second Graywood bead from opposite directions. Form an overhand knot near the end of each leather strand. Use the three 10mm jump rings to add the Graywood O-ring to the loop. If the leather has been “scraped” in the process of pulling it through the wood beads, use a navy blue Sharpie to cover the scrapes.

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    2mm Round Leather Cord - Natural Pacific
    2R-407 - 2mm Round
    Sold by the Foot
    Genuine Leather precision cut from the center of the hide
    Glue ends with super glue designed for leather and metal.

    Our Price: $0.95
    32 in stock
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    5mm Mini Target Square Flat Leather Cord Slider - Antique Silver
    FL-SL-49AS - 7x8x5mm
    Hole Size: 5x2mm
    Sold Individually
    Use 5mm FLAT leather

    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away

    Our Price: $1.50
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    Graywood Bead O-ring 28x5mm
    GW-311728 - 28x5mm
    0.5mm hole
    Sold by the Strand
    Approximately 15 beads per 16 inch strand

    Our Price: $15.00
    15 in stock
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    Graywood Bead Round 8mm Large Hole (10)
    GW-08806 - 8mm
    Hole Size: 3.5mm
    Sold Package of 10
    3mm round or multiple strands of smaller dimension cord will fit through bead

    Our Price: $1.50
    30 in stock
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    Jump Ring 10mm 14g - Antique Silver
    JR10-AS - 10mm
    Sold Individually
    Base metal plated over steel core

    Our Price: $0.15
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