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Men's Design Ideas

While we love encouraging you to create your own designs using our beads and components, sometimes we all get into a rut when it comes to creating a new design. That's why we've decided to share with you some of our bracelet ideas for men's leather bracelets. Use these designs as inspirations to create your own, or purchase all of the components for these cool men's bracelets and recreate these designs at home! From simple, leather bracelets to stylish men's beaded bracelets, the designs here at Antelope Beads will fit any man's style.

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Rafa's Ring Necklace
Palmwood Necklace
Brass Wrap Bracelet
Rustic Cuff Bracelet
Marek's Mix Bracelet
Montana Code Bracelet
Cayden's Cog Bracelet
Gray Granite Bracelet
Eye of the Leopard Bracelet
Gila Nile Flat Leather Wrap Bracelet
Silver Sleek Round Leather Bracelet
Moroccan Bazaar Lillypilly Wood Slider Flat Leather Bracelet
Nile Course Flat Leather Cord Bracelet
Braided Band 20mm Flat Leather Bracelet
Caiman Croc Amazon Flat Leather Bracelet
Wild Stripes Cuff Flat Leather Bracelet
Timber Wolf Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
The Roman 8mm Embossed Leather Bracelet
Dakota Sun Mens Flat Leather Bracelet
African Safari Lillypilly Wood Slider Flat Leather Bracelet
Eldorado Mens Flat Leather Bracelet
Rhombus Wrap Mens Leather Bracelet
Rattlesnake Cuff Mens Leather Bracelet
Fossil Strata Mens Leather Bracelet
Copperhead Mens Leather Bracelet
The Centurion 8mm Embossed Leather Bracelet
Bolted Anchor Flat Leather Bracelet
Lacuna Jet Eyelet Flat Leather Bracelet
Buckskin Braid Flat Deerskin Bracelet
Triple Rivet Old World Flat Leather Bracelet
Bold Bayong Wood & Deerskin Necklace
Buri Twist TierraCast Spiral Knot Bracelet
Corded Coil Round Braided Bolo Cord Bracelet
Cutout Coil Flat Leather Cord Bracelet
Saddle Strap Flat Leather Cord Bracelet
Old World Weave Flat Leather Bracelet
Bayong Blocks Woven Wrap Bracelet
Ravel Round Braided Leather Bracelet
Cotswold Cottage Lillypilly Wood Slider Flat Leather Bracelet
Rugged Tobacco Euro Leather Bracelet
Buri Seed Beaded Men's Bracelet Design
Sea Snake Genuine Snakeskin Bracelet
Black Elegance Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
Classy Couple Flat Leather Bracelets
Missing Piece Portuguese Cork Cord Bracelets
Chic and Sleek Leather Cord Bracelets
Boxwood Derby Mens Leather Bracelet
Arrow Head Mens Nylon Cord Bracelet
Rattler Mens Snake Leather Bracelet
Greek Tryst Mens Flat Leather Bracelet
Elephant Walk Mens Leather Wrap Bracelet
Egyptian Coils Mens Nylon Cord Bracelet
Plain and Simple Mens Cork Bracelet
Stonecrop 3mm Round Leather Bracelet
Wild Tiger Wood & Round Cork Bracelet
Safari Mist Flat Portuguese Cork Bracelet
Chocolate Truffle Flat Cuff Bracelet
Connect the Dots Round Leather Bracelet
Shield of Power Gorgeous Goat Bracelet
Twining Textures Braided Flat Leather Bracelet
Copper Continually Braided Flat Leather Bracelet
His and Her Genuine Snakeskin Bracelet
Mountian Sky Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
Rock & Roll Riveted Leather Bracelet
Junior Flat Leather Cord Cuff Bracelet
Force Be With You Leather Bracelet
Basic Brass Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
Tree Hugger Mini Regaliz Leather Bracelet
Crashing Waves Flat Italian Leather Bracelet
Turtle Regaliz® Leather Cord Bracelet
Off Balance Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
Embossed Brown Regaliz® Leather Bracelet
Whiskey Wrap Round Leather Bracelet
Bucking Bronco Euro Braided Leather Bracelet