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Hot Lips 20mm Flat Leather Bracelet

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Supply List:

  • 6 3/4 inches Leather Flat 20mm – Fuchsia (click here to see alternative 20mm Flat Leather colors)
  • 1 Leather Clasp 20mm Rivets – Antique Silver
  • 1 Leather Slider Lips – Antique Silver
  • Super New Glue®

    Finished Length: 7 1/4 inches

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Tools: Leather Cutters
  • Helpful Video Tutorial: Click here to Watch How to Size & Glue Leather Bracelets and Click here to Watch Flat Leather Cord Bracelet Making Tutorials

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    !Super New Glue®
    glue-sn - Recommended for attaching metal clasps to the leather cord.
    Bonds metal, leather, rubber, glass, ceramics, porcelain, and plastic. Non-messy easy applicator bottle. 3 grams per bottle.
    Sold Individually

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    173 in stock
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    20mm Flat Leather Cord - Fuchsia
    20F-20 - 20x2mm (sizes do vary slightly)
    Made in the European Union of genuine cowhide leather
    Sold by the Inch
    Can't guarantee continuous lengths more than 7 or 8 inches
    Glue ends with super glue designed for leather and metal.

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    20mm Lips Flat Leather Cord Slider - Antique Silver
    FL-SL-111AS - 25x26x7mm
    Fits with slider FL-SL-112AS
    Use 4 lengths of 5mm FLAT leather or 2 lengths of 10mm FLAT leather

    Our Price: $5.50
    3 in stock
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    20mm Rivet Flat Leather Cord Magnetic Clasp - Antique Silver
    FL-CLM-15AS - 29x23x5mm
    Hole size: 20x2.5mm
    Sold Individually
    PEWTER plated with 99.9% sterling silver
    Use 2 lengths of 10mm FLAT leather or 4 Lengths of 5mm FLAT leather
    OrUse 1 length of 10mm and 2 lengths of 5mm FLAT Leather
    Clasp adds about 1 inch
    Ends must be glued with a super glue designed for leather and metal
    A slightly curved clasp for 20mm leather, featuring 4 embossed rivets in the corners. A very secure closure perfect for any design.

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