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Golem Design Studios

Antelope Beads is very proud to carry Golem Design Studios Beads, made by Vladislav Ivanov and Kremena Ivanova. They have been making a distinctive line of beads since 2000. The Golem Ceramic Sliders make unique and fun bracelets as shown below in our Design Ideas. Click here to see more Golem Design Inspiration.

Sacred Fire
Ornate Fog
Color in Balance
Volcano Ember
Carved Sliders
Solid Sliders
ALL Golem Sliders

Living in Bulgaria on a crossroad between Europe and Asia they have developed eclectic interests and tastes, which are reflected in each of their beads. Although their work cannot be associated with any specific national tradition or style, they incorporate patterns taken from a variety of ancient and contemporary art forms. They find inspiration from different parts of the world and ages. There are some patterns taken from the pre-Columbian art of Latin America, a pinch of Viking and Celtic art, much of prehistoric art as a whole, as well as adding something of their own. Click here to learn more about Golem Design Studios and their work.