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Change-A-Bead Earrings

Make earrings in a snap with Change-A-Bead earring frames! With one pair of Change-A-Bead earring frames - or better yet, one pair in every finish - you can make endless earring designs to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Just open the frame, slide beads and spacers onto the posts, then snap the frame back together. Change beads every single day, No tools required!

Watch our Change-A-Bead Earrings Introduction and Techniques. Best if watched in full view mode.

Change-A-Bead earring frames work well with Kazuri beads in 4-6mm and 10-12mm rounds, mini wildflowers, shales and small tubes, as well as many other beads in several sizes and colors. The bright colors of 3mm Rubber O-Rings are perfect for adding pops of color and their flexible material means they're great for filling in any empty space within the Change-A-Bead frame. Change-A-Bead earring frames are a small way to add a creative touch to your look every single day. Plus they provide a nearly endless earring collection!