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Chain - By Type

CH-2 Leaf Dangles
CH-6 Small Curb Chain
CH-10 Bubbles
CH-12 3.8mm Rolo
CH-13 Fine Circles
CH-15 Large Circles
CH-19 Oval Link
CH-20 Small Peanut Chain
CH-21 Etched Oval Link
CH-22 Beading Chain
CH-23 Cable Chain
CH-24 Oval Circle Chain
CH-25 Fine Figaro
CH-26 Figaro Triple Strand
CH-43 Medium Peanut Chain
CH-44 Thin Cable Chain
CH-48 2mm Rolo
CH-49 3mm Rolo Chain
CH-50 7.2mm Rolo Chain
CH-52 Mutli Circle Chain
CH-54 Large Heavy Cable Chain
CH-54 Medium Heavy Cable Chain
CH-55 Small Heavy Cable Chain
CH-59 Fine Teardrop Chain
CH-77 Ute's
CH-105 4mm Rolo Box
CH-110 2mm Ball
CH-142 Lauren's Chain
CH-144 Teardrop Twists
1.0mm Beading
End Connectors
CH-60 Circle O
CH-61 Large Etched Ring
CH-65 Cog
CH-75 Roman
CH-76 Celtic
CH-77 Ute's
CH-78 Ball and Cog
CH-80 4.8mm Rolo
CH-81 5.7mm Rolo
CH-83 3mm Rectangle Rolo
CH-85 Fine Ball and Chain
CH-86 Fine Filigree
CH-87 Floral
CH-97 3.2mm Ball
CH-98 4.5mm Ball
CH-99 6.4mm Ball
CH-103 Hammered Washer
CH-104 Dangle
CH-106 Tribal Filigree
CH-107 Medium Circle
CH-111 Double Etched Heavy Cable
CH-112 Moroccan
CH-113 Olympic
CH-114 Galeria
CH-121 Wheat
CH-123 Etched Figaro
CH-126 Washer
CH-127 Small Etched Oval
CH-128 2mm Rectangle Rolo
CH-130 1.0mm Rolo
CH-131 1.0mm Ball
CH-139 5:3 Oval
CH-140 Twisted Curb
CH-141 Psychadelic Chain
CH-142 Lauren's Chain
CH-144 Teardrop Twists Chain
CH-145 4.5mm Rolo Box Chain
CH-146 13:1 Rolo Interrupted Chain
CH-147 Dynamite
CH-150 Double Helix
CH-160 Tiny Bubbles