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Bold Bayong Wood & Deerskin Necklace

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Supply List:

  • 2 lengths (36 inches each) Cord Flat Deerskin Lace 3mm – Black
  • 1 Bayong Wood Slide Large Hole Tube Curved 30x15mm
  • 2 Bayong Wood Slide Large Hole Rondelle 5x12mm

    Finished Length: 28 inches

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Tools: Sharp Scissors
  • Designer Tip: SEE VIDEO LINK BELOW. String the large tube slide onto both lengths of deerskin and center. Tie an overhand knot on both sides of the tube. Slide a rondelle next to each knot and hold in place with another overhand knot. Trim the ends of the deerskin lace and finish with a slider knot.

    Helpful Video Tutorial: Click here to Watch How To Make A Leather Slider Knot For Making Jewelry

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    Bayong Wood Slide Large Hole Rondelle 5x12mm
    BW-013912 - 5x12mm
    Hole Size: 4mm
    Sold Individually

    Our Price: $0.75
    396 in stock
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    Bayong Wood Slide Large Hole Tube Curved 30x15mm
    BW-011815 - 30x15mm
    Hole Size: 5.5mm
    Sold Individually
    5mm Flat or 5mm Round Cord will fit through slider
    Not recommended for 5mm Round Cancun Cord

    Our Price: $2.95
    93 in stock
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    Deerskin 3mm Flat Lace Cord - Black
    3DS-1 - 3mm (sizes do vary slightly)
    Made in the USA of Deer hide
    Sold by the FOOT
    Incredibly soft, flexible, slightly stretchy deerskin is a versatile material. It ties securely. Knots beautifully!
    Try making tassels or weaving it with chain!
    Glue ends with super glue designed for leather and metal.
    Go ahead and order as many as you need
    What we don't have in stock we can get right away

    Our Price: $1.50
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