Bulahan Wood, Seed and Natural Beads Blessed by Nature!

Wood and natural beads have been a part of many cultures throughout history due to their beauty, sustainability and versatility. Beads have had several different uses, including for abaci, macramé, beaded curtains, and special honors within boy scouts, with nearly every major religion using some type of wood beads as prayer beads. It is only natural then that AntelopeBeads.com's line of natural beads is called Bulahan, which means 'blessed' in the Filipino language.

Bulahan beads are as simple to care for as any wood product. If and when your Bulahan beads start to dull, simply use beeswax and an old, soft cloth to restore their luster and retain the polished look of the wood. It is okay, though not recommended, for your Bulahan beads to be worn in water – you'll just need to polish them more often.

Beads have been around for hundreds, probably thousands of years for many reasons in addition to their ease of care. Our Bulahan Wood beads are sustainable because they are made from branches and twigs found on the ground and are easy to drill and form into shapes with basic, limited tools. Bulahan Wood beads are ethically harvested using sustainable practices required by the Filipino government to maintain the special licenses our supplier has to legally harvest wood. Beads are a versatile medium that can be sanded down, painted, beaded around, and more.

Bulahan beads are light-weight enough to be used with medium diameters of beading wire, while their large holes mean they work well with thicker leather cords too. With the exception of the bleached white wood beads, all beads in the Bulahan line are natural in color. Our high-quality wood beads, in their true, shining colors, will add great texture and style to your beaded jewelry.

AntelopeBeads.com is proud of our line of Bulahan Beads, seed and other natural beads. We find the many shades and grains of the wood and seed beads mix beautifully with our lines of handmade beads and focal pieces, such as the brightly saturated colors of our Samunnat beads; the more muted tones and handpainted patterns of our Kazuri beads; and both the bright and antique finished of our Dorabeth Designs line of pewter beads and findings. Look for sample design ideas using our Bulahan beads and more in our Ideas and Inspirations section, and be sure to keep us posted on how you enjoy using beautiful Bulahan Beads in your beaded jewelry designs.